MacBook Logic board Repairs


If your Macbook or iPhone has been looked at by an Apple Service Centre or another third-party repairers and they have dealt you the death-blow that your Main Logic board is dead and your now looking at a $900+ repair, Please don’t give up on it and bring it to MAC111 Ltd for a second opinion, we offer component level Logic board repair & quite often it can be just a short on the board created by a blown fuse or IC.

Some of the repairs we offer are,

Macbook Air No Backlight Fuse or filter replacements • MacBook Pro not turning on • Macbook Pro Water damage repair • iMac Backlight Fuse repair • iPhone Water damage repair • iPhone U2 Tristar IC replacement • iPhone 6 Wifi Antenna Connector replacement • iPhone Battery Connector replacement • iPhone 6S no Backlight Repair

jt77MacBook Logic board Repairs