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iPhone Screen repairs in Nelson

At MAC111 we have completed thousands of iPhone Screen repairs right here in Nelson, We’ve sourced the very best screens that can be found and have a 1% return rate, we believe so highly in our iPhone screens that all our iPhone screen repairs come with a Lifetime Warranty.

We offer the full range of iPhone repairs from our Nelson Studio.

We also do component level mainboard repairs on phones that have water damage or your phone refuses to turn on and another service center has told you is not repairable, bring it into MAC111 Nelson for a free quote, we do all our main board micro soldering repairs in-house.

All of our iPhone screen repairs come with a 12-month replacement part guarantee, we use the very best screens that can be found (This warranty does NOT cover accidental damage caused by yourself).

Dropped your iPhone in water? We have the best Ultra Sonic cleaner that you can buy, it destroys corrosion, we also have the micro soldering skills to remove damaged parts that are smaller than ants and we have a very high success rate with water-damaged iPhones

If the frame of your iPhone is damaged, we have a special tool to get it straight again, your new screen will fit perfectly.

You can send us your broken iPhone for repair from anywhere in NZ!

Our techs have spent countless hours bringing customers’ broken iPhones back to life, we have being doing Phone repairs longer then anyone in Nelson.


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